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Hoi An cuisine is some of the most inspired in Vietnam. At Red Bean, we display a number of the region’s most iconic dishes.  One signature dish on the menu, the Hoi An Combo, features three mouthwatering colorful and aromatic samples introducing you to what makes the region’s food so special. Banh xeo is a thin crispy savory rice flour pancake filled with beansprouts, prawns, pork and herbs. It is named after the sizzling sound (xeo) of rice batter as it is poured onto a hot skillet. Small pieces of pancake are combined with shrimp and wrapped in a very thin transparent rice wrapper and dipped in a sweet & sour sauce. Together with these rolls are two types of grilled meat skewers. Vietnamese sugarcane grilled beef skewers and grilled pork skewers with lemongrass. Sugarcane adds a sweet authentic touch to the beef and seasoning which is wrapped around the sugarcane skewer. An alternative to sugarcane is lemongrass, one of the oldest Southeast Asian herbs. When grilled, lemongrass releases a warm light citrus flavor making it a great partner to pork. Accompanying this trio are bun noodles, pickles and freshly made crispy deep fried prawn crackers made from rice and prawn powder.

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