Core Values

Our core values reflect what is really important to us as a company and group of individuals. They form the solid foundation and principles of our business culture and keep our brand special. We have a sincere and deep commitment to one another, to our guests and the communities within which we work and live.
To give personalized, warm and consistently exceptional service
To provide the highest quality services and products we possibly can.
To challenge ourselves to innovate and refine. We create an environment which our guests and staff refer to as their ‘home from home’.
To value, respect and support one another.
We believe that good service comes from a caring business. We provide a high level of care for our staff who are inspired and motivated. We build trust, respect, open and honest communication with one another.
To create positive, memorable experiences for every guest
We work hard to exceed our customers' expectations, to delight and satisfy, we ensure the longevity of our business and secure employment for our team.
Our service is personable, professional, friendly and competent. We listen to, and understand, what our guests want and need. We create memorable and distinctive experiences.
To care about and give back to our local communities
We recognize and appreciate our responsibility as active participants in our local communities. We believe in giving our time to community and service organizations. We also believe in working hard to protect the environment; all our staff are committed to taking part in environmental initiatives and Go Green campaigns. 
We support charitable organizations and maintain a strong CSR policy.
Finally we say a big thank you to all our guests, staff, and partners who support us and believe in our service. Collective contributions make a difference. 
We are not content to sit back but rather we challenge ourselves to increase our involvement within the global community. We welcome ideas and input from our customers, staff and suppliers.

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