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Hanoi La Siesta hotel & spa

Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa opened in 2014 and is EHG’s first of the La Siesta brand – a brand that signals an elevated status and more sophisticated service offering.  The hotel is the brand’s classic representation hence known as La Siesta Classic for short.  Located at 94 Ma May Street it is ironically almost opposite where EHG’s second hotel used to be, which opened 10 years previously.

Unlike most of the group’s other hotels, Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa was designed bespoke when the management bought the large imposing building from a major travel company.  This gave freedom of planning and design without the constraints of an existing hotel structure.  The guestrooms are some of the most varied, imaginatively designed and spacious of the EHG group while the hotel was the launch pad for the group’s flagship restaurant Red Bean and La Siesta Spa.
La Siesta Hotel & Spa’s wide white classic exterior takes pride of place at the Hang Bac Street end of Ma May. A warm Asian-inspired interior with colonial touches draws upon neutral colors and hues, elegant period furnishings, creating harmony and balance. Warm lighting design creates a calm, balanced feel and a tranquil place to relax.  After four years of operation, between June-August this year the hotel will undergo a period of renovation and expansion where 20 guestrooms will be added.
The hotel has a central Old Quarter location along Ma May Street.  Ma may means rattan or cane and is the combination of Hang Ma and Hang May (streets that top and tailed the current Ma May). Centuries ago artisans along the southern half of the street sold paper-based products for worship while the northern end specialized in hemp-based handicrafts.
These crafts are long gone and nowadays the street is well-known for its myriad of hotels, food stalls, coffee shops, travel agents and lively cultural entertainment during the weekend. A significant cultural site close to the hotel is the preserved ancient house at number 87 Ma May.  Built in the late 20th century it is typical of the architecture at the time.
La Siesta Hotel & Spa has many accolades to its name with awards from Agoda, TripAdvisor, and other travel sites.   The hotel received five honors in this year’s TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2018 awards, notably:
Top 25 hotels of the world ranked at number 4
Top 25 hotels in Asia ranked at number 3
Top 25 hotels in Vietnam ranked number 1
Top 25 romantic hotels in Vietnam ranked number 11
Top 25 hotels for best service in Vietnam ranked number 6
These awards pay tribute to La Siesta Hotel & Spa’s excellent guest service and facilities, wonderful food at Red Bean and efficient staff management all of which contributes to the hotel’s success.

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