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Art exhibition Le sourire de la mutation

Opening: Thu 21 Sep 2017, 6 pm
Exhibition: 22 Sep – 04 Nov 2017

Exhibition – Installation Art “Le sourire de la mutation”
Authors: Pierre Larauza – Thy Nguyen Truong Minh – Emmanuelle Vincent
Art exhibition “La sourire de la mutation” (translation: The smile of mutation) brings about a poetic perspective of Vietnam in its metamorphosis. The three artists coming from three different countries – France, Belgium and Vietnam – explore the theme of the changes in urban space through different perspectives: visual, dance and installation art. The scenery of Vietnam’s metropolitan cities is illustrated in Truong Minh Thy Nguyen’s mural. The sun jacket covered ladies on motorbikes become the muses for Emmanuelle Vincent’s dance piece. And objects, they dangle between fantasies and traditions in the installation artwork of Pierre Larauza.
Free entry

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