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The simple cocktail is not just a drink. It is in fact an art form, glasses filled like mini art installations. It tells a story through its name and inspiration behind its creation and the “acrobatics” of making the drink enhances the drama. Seizing on Vietnam’s emerging cocktail culture, the bars of the La Siesta Resort have designed a selection of cutting-edge cocktail menus featuring classic, contemporary and unique recipes. One such cocktail is the classic Cuban born Mojito – one of the most famous rum-based highballs, of which there are a several varieties. This cocktail traditionally consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar cane juice, lime juice, soda water and mint, topped with crushed ice. There are a number of legends and theories relating to the Mojito’s origins. One story links it to Sir Francis Drake when a similar drink was devised as a medicine to combat tropical diseases. Others attribute the drink to African slaves working on Cuban sugar cane fields. Author Ernest Hemingway was one person who made the Mojito really famous and popular when he lived in Havana. Today’s statistics indicate the drink was the most popular cocktail in Britain and France a few years ago.

The Mojito, Cuba’s unofficial national drink, remains one of the most refreshing cocktails around. At Red Bean and the Temple bars, we have devised some great pre-summer thirst quenching spins on the original recipe.

Take your pick, or many, from these fruity options:
• Strawberry Mojito
• Pineapple Mojito
• Apple Mojito
• Chili’s Mojito
• Passion fruit Mojito
• Lychee Mojito
• Rambutan Mojito
• Mango Mojito

Alternatively, maybe you just fancy a clear Mojito with a Vodka or Tequila base or just the good old classic version.

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