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A barman’s job is much harder than you may think. He/she must work long unsocial hours especially at night and weekends, have an infinite memory for drinks and ingredients, be a skilled storyteller and magician in creating cocktails and every day work this physically demanding job with passion.

EHG’s bars owe their success to highly creative and dedicated barmen and mixologists. In Hanoi the team numbers more than 35 bar staff. At the Twilight, Diamond and Lighthouse sky bars, as well as The Den Bar and Red Bean ‘Cheers’ style bar, the guys each work six nights a week, occasionally seven, and every weekend, from 4pm to at least midnight. They relish the challenges of their job and particularly love taking the stage when making and presenting one of the most popular items on the menu – the cocktail. This is more than a drink, it is an art form with a story behind each name, brought to life by the mixologist. EHG bars feature favorite global classics including Old Fashioned, Maitai, Classic Martini, Manhattan, Singapore Sling and so on. The bar staff, specially trained by one of Vietnam’s top mixologists, have also devised their own cocktails particular to EHG bars and these feature on the Signature Cocktail menus. They are unique creations and Vietnamese twists on the classics. Across the bars the most popular signature cocktails are three versions of the classic Martini – Espesstino (combined with espresso) and two with fruit infusions (Passion and Lychee Martinis) and three uniquely crafted cocktails: La Vie en Rose, named after Edith Piaf’s song, means ‘seeing life in pink’; The Rooster incorporates Vietnamese flavors such as chili and is decorated as a rooster while the Legendary Botanist was invented one early morning with limited ingredients to hand.
Take a tour of the bars and choose your favorite cocktail.

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