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Spring is in the Air

The spirit of spring is in the air as La Siesta hotels & resorts celebrate Vietnam’s most important holiday period. Welcome to the arrival of spring and new beginnings.

During the Tet lunar new year Hanoi and Hoi An are abuzz with festive activities at this beautiful time of the year. Red and yellow colors are in abundance, streets are lit with red lanterns, homes are decorated with pink cherry blossom (in the north) and the atmosphere has an exciting vibe.

Throughout La Siesta properties subtle touches of Tet highlight this significant occasion. Our hotel lobbies and restaurants are decorated simply yet symbolically. Small ornamental displays of pink peach blossom trees signifying the warding off of bad luck are decorated with hanging red and gold paper denoting good fortune, prosperity and happiness. Small kumquat trees take pride of place, their deep orange fruits representing fertility and abundance for the coming year.


Food is high on the agenda. La Siesta’s restaurants present special Tet set menus over the three Tet days (24, 25 and 26 January) featuring dishes popular throughout the year as well as symbolic Tet cuisine such as Banh Tet, fried spring rolls and traditional sweet Tet cakes.

Additional highlights include:

  • Red Bean Hoi An and the Temple round of three days off Tet menus with a mouthwatering special 40+ dish Tet buffet on 27 January
  • The Twilight Sky Bar’s Lunar New Year cocktail week (La Siesta premium Cau Go) presents three kinds of cocktails and the lucky money tree from 21 to 27 January
  • On 24 January La Siesta Classic May May’s Moonlight Sky Bar festivities include a lunar new year’s eve luxury lucky draw
  • And, of course our four Hanoi sky bars provide awesome views of Tet new year’s eve city firework displays

Our La Siesta staff give a warm new year welcome and are on hand with tips for Tet to ensure you make the most of your Hanoi and Hoi An January visits.

At La Siesta hotels and resorts immerse yourself in Vietnam’s lunar new year customs and accompanying cuisine where eye-catching decorations and special menus introduce you to the world of Tet.

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