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To be on Cloud Nine is to be in a blissful state of happiness. A number of theories abound regarding the term’s origin. The most popular attributes it to the white cumulonimbus, the 9th cloud out of 10 types first identified in 1896. It rises as high as a cloud can go, hence the sense of being ‘on top of the world’. Others attribute it to the mystical divine number nine or to Buddhism where cloud 9 is said to be a stage in the search for enlightenment. Welcome to Cloud Nine at La Siesta Premium Hang Be, EHG’s newest restaurant.

We chose this name because we are confident after dining here you will feel extremely happy and satisfied. Located on the 9th floor and encased in walls of floor to ceiling windows the restaurant’s 360 degree views across Hanoi’s rooftops, Hoan Kiem Lake and Red River are breathtaking and inspiring. Flooded with light and a feeling of openness the concept of seeing the outside world is just as important as what is within.
The restaurant and bar are classically styled calling to mind an Indochina era. A color palette of black, white, creams and blue-greys partners with geometric shapes of striped furnishings and square patterned floor tiles. The expanse of windows is creatively broken up by a series of iconic photos and pictures suspended against the glass, while floor to ceiling drapes soften the environment.
The menu features the very best in authentic flavorful Vietnamese cuisine including dishes from all regions of the country as well as an extensive selection of favorite international fare. Creatively presented and technically exquisite each dish takes the diner on a culinary journey through food.
While no one knows for the sure how the words Cloud Nine came about, one thing we are certain about is that visiting Cloud Nine gives the feeling one is dining high in the clouds above Hanoi.

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