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At 35 years of age, born and raised in Hanoi, Hoang is Executive Chef of Red Bean Cau Go. We talk to him about what inspired him to become a chef, what motivates him and his wise words of advice to aspiring chefs. Why did you become a chef? Like many Vietnamese my mother’s love of cooking inspired me to learn how to cook and I knew from an early age my destiny was to become a chef.


Where did you study?
I studied catering at Hoa Sua Economics & Tourism College. Hoa Sua (which means milk flower) is a vocational school established in 1994 in Hanoi to help poor, disabled, orphans, street kids, and disadvantaged youth find stable jobs in tourism and hospitality sectors. After I graduated I wanted to give back to the school what it had given me. So I stayed on for another 10 years as a teacher for, and mentor to, trainee chefs.
How did you become Executive Chef at EHG?
After leaving Hoa Sua I expanded my knowledge and gained international experience after two years working in restaurants in France and Luxembourg. Back in Hanoi, after a stint at Pots’n Pan restaurant and Dương’s, I was offered the job as Executive Chef at Red Bean Cau Go.
Why do you like working at Red Bean and EHG?
I have a passion for both Asian flavors and European cuisine, and working at Red Bean gives me the freedom to create fusion dishes combing my Asian heritage and my international experience.
Also I am extremely proud of my team. Everyone I work with is very special and this is an important reason I particularly love my job.
What is the best advice you have been given in your life?
The best advice I have received is to ‘have passion’. Anyone in any position should work with passion which helps one do the best job one possibly can.
And what advice do you give aspiring chefs?
I tell trainee chefs that when they start working in this industry they must carry a notebook with them at all times. It is not possible to remember every single detail so they need to write everything down -whether it be a recipe or the name of a spice. This is invaluable advice as all professional chefs around the world would agree.
Ngo The Hoang, Executive Chef Red Bean Cau Go La Siesta Premium Cau Go 1 Cau Go Str, Hanoi

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