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The secret garden

Beautiful hotel gardens enhance the soul of a tranquil retreat and the grounds of La Siesta Resort & Spa are no exception. Within the Resort, which currently occupies around 8,500m2 of land, nestling between the Classic wing, bordering the Red Bean Restaurant, and Club wing villas one finds an area of serene tropical gardens that overflow in a patchwork of greens, violets and reds.

The design is the brainchild of the EHG Chairman who envisaged a ‘wild’ naturalistic style garden, a tropical landscape to complement the Resort’s architecture and lifestyle living. Inspiration has been drawn from classical and traditional plants and trees that thrive in Vietnam’s tropical climate. This 140m2 cleverly landscaped magical space, tended to by four permanent gardeners, features around 22 carefully selected species of trees, shrubs and flowers. The result is a stunning outdoor space and a soothing oasis particularly in the summer heat. Species of trees include the pomelo, coconut, areca nut and banana trees. A range of colors comes from the phoenix flower, the stunning birds of paradise plant, the exotic red torpedo-shaped red button ginger plant, orchids, narcissus and jasmine, to name but a few. Most of the flowers have also been chosen for their subtle scent keeping the air fresh and avoiding overbearing perfumes. The gardens of La Siesta Resort & Spa enhance the environment and provide guests with a unique Resort experience.

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