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The cocktail craze has long been a world revolution and Vietnam is no exception. Whilst the country doesn’t yet have formal statistics on cocktail consumption, suffice it to say the cocktail culture is all the rage here. And, it has spawned a new, creative generation of mixologists and bartenders with a flair for inventing unusual cocktails.
A cocktail is more than a drink. It is an art form. Theatrics, artistic presentation and the art of taste are packaged into a glass. Each cocktail has its own history, story and personality. Featured on the beverage menus at La Siesta’s bars are well known classic cocktails as well as a range of specially created EHG signature cocktails by the group’s talented bar teams.
Let’s take The Rooster which brings food and two cultures to the cocktail glass. Invented in 2014 by Tuan Le (GM of La Siesta Premium Cau Go) this EHG signature cocktail is currently exclusive to the Den Bar, Diamond and Twilight Sky Bars.

Its foundation is CÎROC vodka with its distinct fresh citrus taste. This was the first global French vodka made from grapes. It is derived from two types of French grape, each is distilled separately twice and then a fifth time together. The name CÎROC is a combination of two French words: CIME meaning peak or summit and ROCHE, meaning rock. So, what is the story behind The Rooster and why the name? Tuan, who created three versions before being happy with the end product, wanted his cocktail to represent a union of Vietnamese and French cultures where Vietnamese spice meets French spirit. Cointreau is the second key French ingredient, often the cornerstone of many cocktails, while spices, lemongrass, lime, sweet chili and crushed peppers, sprinkled on top, incorporate the Vietnamese flavors. The finishing touch is flaming orange peel enhancing the cocktail’s aromatic properties.
And now the name. The Coq Gaulois (the Gallic Rooster) is one of the national emblems of France, which also features on the CÎROC vodka bottle sitting on a bunch of grapes so what better name for this cocktail. Paying tribute to the rooster the cocktail glass is decorated with a piece of sweet chili representing the rooster’s head with a slice of orange peel attached as the tail.
The Rooster truly is a union of Asian flavors and French symbolism.

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