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Precious heritage Hoi An

26 August 2017 8:00 am
Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, Hoi An

There’s no rest for renowned photographer Rehahn after the opening of his gallery in Saigon’s historic Dong Khoi Street along with the opening of his Ageless Beauty exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum in Danang.On Jul. 1, Rehahn opens his free outdoor exhibition called Precious Heritage, a moving and colourful exhibition of a selection of 40 photographs showcasing the richness and diversity of Vietnam’s ethnic cultures. Rehahn continues to capture the beauty and pride of the people from these cultures that come together to form the great mosaic of Vietnam’s people.
Rehahn’s Precious Heritage Exhibition will run from Jul. 1 for two months on Nguyen Phuc Chu in Hoi An and is free of charge.
Cost: Free

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