La Spa Leading The Go Green Way

As a hospitality and tourism operation, Elegance Hospitality Group is aware of our responsibility in preserving the environment. We have implemented a number of Go Green initiatives such as banning single use plastics, encouraging our guests and staff to spread the Go Green message and our people jon together in our “Go Green Friday” campaign.  Through such activities we aim to contribute to raising public awareness, changing behavior and striving for a cleaner, greener healthier environment.
‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’ (African Proverb)
Ms Bui Thi Kim Cuc, La Spa Director, is a passionate environmentalist and voices her concerns about today’s environmental problems. She believes everyone has a responsibility to help our planet. Demonstrating that actions speak louder than words, she established the La Spa Go Green team as part of the Elegance Hospitality Group’s (EHG) environmental protection program. The team of La Spa employees kicked-off their Go Green program on 10 July 2019 with a series of events and Go Green competitions.
Hence forth, the team will meet on the 10th day each month. Friends, EHG colleagues, hotel guests and La Spa customers are all welcome to participate in activities including clearing rubbish around Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter as well as tree planting.
To raise funds for the La Spa Go Green Foundation, which supports worthwhile projects such as planting trees, helping endangered animals and so on, the La Spa team sells old/used clothes and second hand goods on line and at flea markets. Everyone is welcome to contribute goods for sale and hotel guests can also donate items they no longer need – or even help out on the flea market stall!
The La Spa Go Green Handbook outlines energy saving ideas, water conservation initiatives and practical ecological tips. Use recycled shopping bags instead of plastic, start recycling and consider putting plastic containers to ecological good use. For example, 30-40 ltr of water per day can be saved when flushing the toilet by placing a plastic water bottle in the toilet tank ie. less water is needed hence less is flushed. Or, turn your plastic containers into plant pots.
La Spa has taken steps to ban the use of plastic from 1 August 2019. To this end the team hopes guests and hotel employees will appreciate and support this anti-plastic drive which means no one is allowed to bring items such as plastic bottles and plastic bags into any La Spa branch.
As Ms Kim concludes “every little bit helps…. let’s unite and commit to protecting our natural environment at all costs because if we don’t then no one else will, which means the next generation has to live with the consequences”.